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Vice President Wang Jinwang of Northeastern University and other people to visit our company

Publish Date:2016-09-08 00:00:00 Views:

On the morning of September 5, 2016, Wang Jinkuan, Vice President of Northeastern University, Wang Guoren, Director of Science and Technology Department, Wang Lei, Dean of New Material Technology Research Institute, Director of Department of Materials, Huang Hong, and his entourage, four people, and Zhang Baosheng, Secretary of Science and Technology Bureau of Weifang Deputy director of the CMC Dong Shuli, high-tech zone Secretary of Science and Technology Chen Bingzheng, accompanied by the leadership, to my company to discuss scientific and technological cooperation. Li Peiyong, executive vice president of the company to accompany the leadership visit medical nuclear magnetic resonance superconducting magnets, industrial superconducting magnetic separator production site.
        Northeastern University Wang Jin-wide, vice president and his party at the scene to understand the international leading level of superconducting magnetic separation technology and medical magnetic resonance magnet technology, superconducting magnetic separator, especially 7.0T laboratory superconducting magnetic separator showed a strong interest The Wang also understand the Sony and Neusoft medical company's business development, said the two sides should be complementary advantages, strong combination, and jointly promote the development of China's medical undertakings.
        Northeastern University and Shandong Huate, Weifang Sony has long-term cooperative relations, the two sides are willing to further technical personnel in the depth of cooperation, for a better future.

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